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Vacuum Truck & System Services

At Crest Industrial Services we have access to a wide range of vacuum trucks, combination units and mobile vacuum systems.

Our vacuum systems can remove anything from light dry dusts to heavy sludge. Thanks to our versatility, reliability and commitment to getting the job done safely we will be able to provide a solution to your problem.

Vacuum trucks are the work horses of the industrial service sector. A reliable, versatile tool that can provide the solution to a multitude of problems faced in a wide range of industries including Petrochemical, Oil and Gas, Biofuel and Manufacturing.

Thanks to our wide range of equipment, highly trained and experienced full time employed operators, we have the capabilities to remove a wide range of materials. We can successfully handle light dry dusts to heavy sludge, removing material from tanks, vessels, water treatment ponds, basins, sewers or drains.

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Sometimes, because of the waste material being collected, the vacuum truck would not the best solution. For example the likes of pulverised ash from the internal sections of boilers would stick to the inside of vacuum trucks tank  

Crest Industrial Services can provide an industrial vacuum system instead, in either electric or diesel models and material can be collected into hoppers, skips and bins. This still has the versatility and reliability of the vacuum truck and is much more effective with certain types of materials.

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