Water Jetting

UHP & HP Water Jetting Services

Crest will provide a safe, reliable, reactive and cost effective solution to cater to the specific needs of each of our clients utilising Ultra high pressure (UHP) and High pressure (HP) techniques.

When preparing surfaces for inspection or new coatings, water jetting offers many advantages over traditional shot and grit blasting (such as no secondary damage, contamination or profiling), and is quicker, safer, cleaner and more flexible.

Whether required as part of routine shut down work or maintenance, as part of an emergency repair procedure or as a stand alone project, Crest Industrial Services’ highly trained and experienced UHP and HP jetting teams are reliable, reactive and will always endeavour to provide the high levels of customer satisfaction that our current clients have come to expect.

UHP and HP water jetting are the most powerful and environmentally friendly techniques cleaning techniques currently available to industry.

Tried Tested Trusted

Whatever the diameter of the pipework or the complexity of the configuration, Crest Industrial services has access to an extensive range of equipment to deliver a full range of pipe inspection and cleaning services.

Using techniques encompassing a diverse and extensive range of specialist tooling, centralisers, cleaning heads and automated cleaning systems powered by High Pressure and Ultra High Pressure water jetting.

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