SectorPaper Manufacturing

LocationNorth West England

ServicesVacuum Truck


The company was founded over 70 years ago, and produces sustainable solutions for paper and board packaging and has developed one of the world’s most advanced recycled paper mills in the UK

The mill utilises state-of-the-art technologies, including a dedicated Combined Heat and Power (CHP) station to generate clean energy and an advanced effluent treatment plant. The Paper Machine 11 recycles thousands of tons of UK recovered paper each year.


The stock preparation pit had become blocked due to large build-up of reject material. The pumps had stopped working and the material had backed up in drainage. This had caused overflows in the drainage system and an overflow of the stock preparation pit itself.

The company needed to get the pit cleared of pulp, ensure all blockages were removed and carry out an extensive clean up of overflow and spillages from the surrounding area. The manufacturing of paper had to carry on uninterrupted. Machine down time costs significant loss of production.


This project had 2 major challenges:

• The sheer amount of reject sludge, pulp and debris that had built up and overflowed meant that usual methods of cleaning would not be effective.

• Access to the pit itself, which would need to be avoided if possible because of the associated confined space hazards.


• Crest team worked closely with company operatives using Crest’s DAF 32T Liquid Ring continuous vacuum truck to remove vast amounts of reject pulps and liquid. Drains were cleaned and all washings removed using vacuum truck and removed to waste area. All the debris causing the blockages were removed and allowing the pumps to begin pumping again.

• Using 4x 4m 6inch hoses meant that the pit could be emptied without entering the pit and confined space hazards were eliminated.


Thanks to the reactivity of the Crest team we could mobilise our vacuum truck and equipment as soon as the problem was spotted.

This meant that a fully trained and experienced industrial cleaning team were on hand almost straight away to carry out the work, removing the build up of reject sludge, debris and water and removing the blockages using the Liquid Ring vacuum truck.

The surrounding areas were cleaned down and all washings removed using vacuum truck and transported to onsite waste area.

The company were able to get the pumps up and running again and suffered minimal impact to production while continuing to have a clean and Safe working environment.


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