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Road Sweeper Services

Crest Industrial Services as part of its versatility and flexibility within its industrial services offer as part of its complete range of services a fully independent Road Sweeping service.

Crest has invested heavily in its support equipment which includes a DAF VTT 650 Road Sweeper.

Crest road sweeper utilises a Johnston VTT650 sweeper, the market leader within its sector.  Developed from over 50 years of evolution and continuous improvement to meet customer requirements, the Johnston V Range has established itself as the most reliable and dependable truck mounted sweeper, designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding municipal and contractor applications.

All Crest operatives are fully trained and experienced in all aspects of road cleansing services and adhere to all current national legislation. These services are offered on both a contract and ad-hoc basis, providing bespoke packages for all of our clients. We hire by the hour, providing a 24 hour service, day or night. Our rates are available upon request and we offer specialised discount for long-term hire.

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We can service the Petrochemical, industrial, commercial, and construction sectors and our client list includes utility companies, local authorities, a port authority as well as private clients. Adhering to clients requirements and permits systems at all times Crest Road Sweepers can clean a variety of areas from streets to car parks, factory to warehouse, interiors to footpaths

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