Plant Decontamination


Plant Decontamination Services

Many manufacturing facilities have a requirement to change processes and production methods and as such can have a requirement to change the use of storage and blending equipment. This can involve some deep decontamination processes of which Crest are extremely experienced with.

Crest has assisted our clients with total plant decontamination services including removal of all health/safety issues, waste identification and disposal, remediation services, site restoration and clean up.

Crest has over 20 years of experience a range of decontamination techniques which can range between chemical and physical decontamination along with disinfection and sterilisation.


On completion of all projects, structures, plant and equipment will be certified as being clean and free of any materials, product or residues that could affect the Health, Safety or Environment of operatives, sub-contractors or others that could be affected by the operation.

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Crest is able to undertake the decontamination and cleaning of all types of plant, structures and equipment, internally and externally to ensure full compliance with statutory regulation.

Projects of this nature include petro-chemical, industrial plants and large-scale manufacturing facilities, often undertaken under highly hazardous and controlled conditions within sensitive environments.

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