Non-Licensed Asbestos

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Non-Licensed Asbestos Removal Services

Crest Environmental Services Ltd is “not a licensed asbestos removal company”. We can when required by companies during projects supply a “non-licensed asbestos removal” service utilising Crest own trained and certificated personnel.

We offer a complete HSE compliance from notification right through to certificated and tracked disposal.

Methodologies are in place to ensure the safety of the client and our staff who will be exposed to asbestos. Crest staff is annually trained in asbestos removal techniques. Crest has safely delivered a wide range of projects that have involved in recent years the removal of non-licensed asbestos as part of the project.

We have developed industry best practice and understand the practical, safety and legislative challenges posed by nuclear, energy and natural resources, chemical/process, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, industrial and public sector customers.

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The health and safety executive (HSE) will allow (after notification to the HSE) certain non-licensed removal activities such as the removal of:

Asbestos cement products (e.g. roof sheeting and rainwater goods) provided the material is carefully handled-removed without breaking up; this includes work with asbestos cement which is weathered but not otherwise substantially damaged.

Small areas of textured decorative coatings using suitable dust-reducing methods, to support other activities such as installation/replacement of smoke alarms and light fittings.

Textured decorative coatings provided that this can be done without deterioration of the material, (eg if the backing board is carefully cut around to achieve virtually intact removal).

Loosely fixed (eg screwed) asbestos insulating board (AIB) panels in order to gain access to areas for other maintenance activities (eg under a bath to carry out pipework maintenance, or for access to a ceiling void for repair of lighting). This also includes re-attaching the panels after the work is done.

Compressed asbestos fibre (CAF) gaskets found in valves or pipe work spools

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