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Decoking & Descaling Services

Over time, pipes and tubes used in industrial applications will develop unwanted deposits in their inner walls (usually referred to as scales). However, for the proper and safe working of these pipelines, tanks, plants and heaters, it is imperative to clean and remove all such residual deposits from time to time.

Crest industrial services can provide a range of services to our clients to combat these issues and ensure your asset is running at full capability.

Crest Industrial Services have a range of specialist mechanical decoking equipment and over 20 years experience as a company in the field of heater tube decoking and de-scaling.
Whether the mechanical cleaning operation is being carried out as part of routine maintenance on a shut down or as a reactive service due to a breakdown or plant issue,

Crest Industrial Services can mobilise our equipment and our full time employed crew of highly trained, reliable and flexible operators to your UK site within 48 hours to get your asset back up and running to full capacity both safely and cost effectively.

Tried Tested Trusted

Unlike most decoking service providers Crest Industrial Services are not tied to any Pigg supplier and therefore are free to provide a varied selection of Pigg types which allows us to provide a bespoke service that is ideal to our clients requirements.

Specialist training includes:

All pigging operators have completed Crest’s in house Workplace Training Package in pigging operations.

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